Plugins with tag "Fun stuff"

IntelliJ Scratch

*scratch* buffer for IntelliJ.

Find me tagged in code

Find @author tagged in the code just to see how many FIXME and TODO are pending on author.


Changing stage TRT's for DKLite DKA.


This plugin will show a random XKCD comic each time a project starts in IntelliJ.


Automatic repair of bugs with Nopol What this plugin does? This plugin allows you to automatically fix your program based on the test suite.


It processes your order.


Generate hastebin-snippets of a whole code file (or a selection) whenever you click on a button like Code > Create a Snippet or whenever you use a shortcut like ctrl...


Intellij Plugin that gives you motivations by doing alt + m.


Zalgofy your code with ease! Zalgofy refactoring to apply zalgo to single identifier Zalgofy inspection and fix to apply zalgo to identifiers in bulk.

TDD outline

Tracks TDD cycle.