Plugins with tag "Security"


oAuth2 authentication plugin.

Veracode Greenlight for IntelliJ

Veracode Greenlight finds security defects in your code and provides contextual remediation advice to help you fix issues in seconds, right in your IntelliJ IDEA...

Fortify On Demand

Fortify on Demand is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that enables your organization to build and expand a Software Security Assurance program quickly, easily,...

RIPS Security Analysis

RIPS is a static code analysis software that automatically detects critical security issues in PHP code with data flow analysis.

Node Security

Node Security.


Instrument your applications with Contrast Security to gain real-time visibility to vulnerabilities in your application, and to defend them against attacks.


Add a Checkmarx Scan (CxSAST, CxOSA) inside your build process.

Code Dx

Code Dx is an application vulnerability correlation and management system.

IBM Static Analyzer

Static Analyzer brings the power of static application security testing to IntelliJ IDEA, scouring your code for unsafe data handling and API calls.

Netparker Cloud Scan

Allows to launch Netsparker Cloud scans.