Plugins with tag "C#"


Plugin for resharper, for converting code to async.

TestCop for ReSharper 2019.2.1

Easily switch between unit tests and code.

ReCommended Extension for ReSharper

The ReCommended Extension for ReSharper augments the sophisticated code analysis engine by providing more rules not (yet) available from JetBrains.


Easily switch between unit tests and code.

Agent Mulder plugin for ReSharper

Provides navigation to and finding usages of types registered or resolved via Dependency Injection (DI) containers.

Heap Allocations Viewer

Highlights local object allocations, boxing, delegates and closure creations points.

EggBlox Plugins for ReSharper 2019.2

ReSharper plugins to modify DataContract/DataMember/XmlElement/XmlAttribute/EnumMember attributes, format/refactor strings and parameters, convert classes to "public...


Provides action to sort your code for example in newspapermode; Provides action to check all parameters in public ctors or methods for null;.


By Igor
Resharper v9 plugin to transfer nunit attributes and methods to Assert.That.