Plugins with tag "Tools integration"

JBoss Forge IDEA Plugin

JBoss Forge 3.x Support.


A plugin to run static analysis using PMD in intelliJ.

YouTrack Integration Plugin

Extends bundled task management plugin to provide deeper integration with YouTrack bug tracker.

nginx Support

nginx server support for IntelliJ IDEA.


Plugin for the popular decompiler JAD.

QAPlug - FindBugs

FindBugs module for QAPlug - an Intellij IDEA plugin to manage code quality which integrates tools such as PMD, Checkstyle and Findbugs.

AspectJ weaver

Post-compile AspectJ weaving.

Cucumber for Scala

Enables Reference tracking of glue code when using cucumber-scala DSL.

GitLab Integration Plugin

GitLab Integration plugin:.

Spell Checker English Dictionary

Standard english dictionary for Spell Checker plugin.