Plugins with tag "Tools integration"

SoapUI IntelliJ Plugin

Adds latest 5.0 features - still in beta - let us know if you have any issues!.

Code Review for IntelliJ IDEA

Plugin provides IDEA integration with Code Review Tools (such as Crucible from Atlassian).

Google Account

Provides Google account setting and authentication for IntelliJ plugins that need it.


This is a Chinese-English translate plugin for IDEA and Android Studio.


ReactNativeTools, to make it easier to execute react-native commands.

GitLab Integration Plugin

GitLab Integration plugin:.

IntelliJad 9

IntelliJad 9 integrates the Jad decompiler into IntelliJ IDEA 9.


PhpMetrics integration.

QAPlug - Hammurapi

Hammurapi module for QAPlug - an Intellij IDEA plugin to manage code quality which integrates tools such as PMD, Checkstyle and Findbugs.