Plugins with tag "Tools integration"


An anti-boss plugin for you to chat with your QQ/Wechat friends privately.

CollabNet Tools

CollabNet Connector for IntelliJ IDEA provides IDEA IDE integration for CollabNet TeamForge.

GCM Test Tool

Allows sending test GCM to android device right from android studio.


Automated stack search integration from Captures stack traces on your debug console search solutions on Samebug connects you to other Samebug users...


Allows other programs to make IDEA jump to specified java code.



LDAP browser

Plugin to browse LDAP servers.


Sticky Paper!! sound likes everyone know about it.

PHP latest

The plugin brings the latest stable versions of the PHP interpreter to PhpStorm or IntelliJ IDEA with the PHP plugin.

Eclipse Dependency Sync

This plugin keeps IntelliJ project classpath in sync with Eclipse .classpath file.