Plugins with tag "Tools integration"

TF Uploader

TF Uploader helps you upload your Android builds to Test Flight without having to open the browser and got to your project's page.

PyVenv Manage

PyVenvManage Introduction PyVenvManage is a plugin for managing the Python interpreter of Pycharm Projects.

Review Board Support

Features Support Subversion, Git Auto review for some users@lvmama About Usage Issues.

Elm External Tools

Provides external tools for the Elm programming language. External tools:.

Alipay DevTools

蚂蚁开发者一站式服务化套件 - Alipay DevTools.

IntelliJ Zeppelin

Use IntelliJ as editor for Apache Zeppelin's notebook.

.IDE Timer

By puke
Add a configuration for your IDE. IDE will callback a string every second, like 2018-12-25 12:18:00.


NOTE: Name has changed from 'Kafka Tool' to 'Kafkasoft' to help prevent confusion with a separate pre-existing tool.


This plugin integrates CafeBabe Bytecode editor with Intellij IDEA.

AppCan Plugin

By ylt
根据module name自动生成插件入口类以及plugin.xml,config.xml.