Plugins with tag "Tools integration"

Generate OpenCL CL file's header

Generate OpenCL's CL files to each const char* to Single header file.


Manifold support for IntelliJ IDEA.


Integrates WebObjects tools and classes into IntelliJ.

Dynatrace AppMon Integration

The Dynatrace IntelliJ Idea Integration Plugin enables you to.


Plugin that provides Tmux integration with IntelliJ.

Clever Cloud Integration

By FTC56
Clever Cloud integration in IntelliJ IDEA.

XPlanner plugin

XPlanner integration plugin.

UDDI Tools

UDDI Client for OpenUDDI Server This Plugin includes some tools to work with OpenUDDI Server (

IntelliJ Zeppelin

Use IntelliJ as editor for Apache.


Open imdone-atom task links in intellij.