Plugins with tag "Misc"


DER Viewer is a plugin to inspect ASN.1 structures encoded under DER (Distinguished Encoding Rules).


Show encoding of the selected file.


RSS Plugin for viewing RSS feeds within IntelliJ. RSS feeds are specified within an XML file. An XSLT script transforms all feeds to HTML. The feeds and...

Epoch Converter

Convert Current milliseconds to epoch time.


Manage lists of favourite URLS within the IDE.

Easy Import

This plugin simplify importing modules to current project from zip archive.

RSS/Atom feed reader

This plugin provide easy way to integrate RSS/Atom feed in to Intellij IDEA.

Remove Usage Plugin

Plugin that enables "Eclipse like" removal of search items from usage search results.


Plugin to allow setting the project title to appear in frame title bar.

Auto Sync

This automates the action of right clicking on a project and clicking synchronize.