Plugins with tag "Misc"


Plugin to allow setting the project title to appear in frame title bar.

PluginUpdateNotifier 10

The origianl plugin was written by I just made minor fix to make it compatible with IntelliJ 10. I made the changes based on sources.

Share with Pastie

This plugin allows to share selected code fragment using service.


It displays current time right on IDEA toolbar.

Context Run

This plugin allows to start a java application from context menu and pass information about the context (like path of current selected file) on the command line.

File Listener Server

Starts a server on your localhost which can open files inside intellij.

IJKL Shortctus

Plugin which imposes alt-ijkl navigation shortcuts on currently open keymap.


This plugin imports files and folders from the native file system to IntelliJ Idea project or anywhere in the native path system.


Allows to change file attributes for the selected file(s) in the ProjectView-PopupMenu.


Drozd is an Intellij IDEA plugin for monitoring Java environments.