Plugins with tag "Editor"

File status bar

Displays information about the open editor file in the status bar.


create others value dimen file by your current dimen file.


By svdb
This plugin allows to quickly show and hide white spaces in the editor without having to go to system properties.

Cron Descriptor

Plugin to display a human readable description for cron expressions as tooltip.


A nice and simple plugin to share your code! Your code will be send to and the link will be in your clipboard.

IntelliJ IDEA Mark Plugin

This IntelliJ IDEA plugin mimics the mark functionality of emacs.

Toggle Camel-humps

By irfan
Toggles the use of 'CamelHumps' words setting.


Adds 4 text moving actions to the editor.


Plugin that brings support for QuickLook in the debugger, similar to Xcode's content renderers.


Import your favourite terminal color schemes from PuTTY, Konsole, Terminator, Terminal and iTerm2.