Plugins with tag "Editor"

Copy on steroids

Enhances standard 'Copy' action with RTF text.

Sublime Snippets Support

This plugin enables you to use your Sublime Text Snippets directly as Live Templates.

Yaoqiang BPMN Editor

an Open Source BPMN 2.0 Modeler.


A simplify plugin ported from vim-EasyMotion plugin for Intellij Platform IDE. And can be integrated with IdeaVim.

Non Project Files Unlocker

Disables annoying dialog for unlocking non-project files - IDEA-125379.




IDE to create multi platform Cocos2d-x games using Java Javascript or Lua Script.


This plugin generates dimensions for the other density bucket values for Android.

Tab to Next Splitter

IntelliJ plugin to move the current editor tab to the next splitter window (with the keyboard).

Joined / Wraparound / Continuous Tab Scrolling

Let multiple tabs scroll continuously together.