Plugins with tag "Editor"

UUID Plugin

Inserts UUID or Unique Keys at the caret location.


IDE to create multi platform Cocos2d-x games using Javascript or Lua Script.

File Name Grabber

Copies name of the current file to clipboard Usage: ALT + CTRL + SHIFT + F inside a file (shortcut).

Duplicate Lines

Plugin that lets you duplicate the entire selected lines, not just down (like you already can by default), but also up.


Import your favourite terminal color schemes from PuTTY, Konsole, Terminator, Terminal and iTerm2.

i18n Android Helper

By LSDsl
Move hardcoded texts to strings.xml.


An intellij idea plug to create and generate MultiType Item and ItemViewBinder easily.


Several utilities for Intellij IDEA.


Provides some emacs-like commands.


TabReorder plugin allows to reorder and move editor tabs using keyboard shortcuts.