Plugins with tag "Editor"

Build JSON

Create toJson() method in java file automatically use alt+insert - toJson().

Copy The Path

The function for this plugin is to copy the relative path from the project root directory of the files which has been opened in the edtior.


TabReorder plugin allows to reorder and move editor tabs using keyboard shortcuts.


By Basil
Provides fast Ruby code injections into erb files and ruby strings.

Aligner Plugin

The Aligner Plugin moves the cursor in the current editor to the right until it is aligned with the next word of the line above.

Yandex Translate

This plugin is intended for quick translation of selected text.

Breakpoints Manager

The IntelliJ plugin that helps share/save breakpoints.


Provides some emacs-like commands.

Cron Descriptor

Plugin to display a human readable description for cron expressions as tooltip.


Sorts the editor selection [AZ or ZA].