Plugins with tag "Editor"

Webx Link

By push
It's a tool for switch file in IDEA Editor between vm and java files which is called "Screen" or "Control" in Webx Framework.


Adds an intention that opens a multi-row pane, to edit the String under the caret.


Easily find the definition of outermost Class/Function which current line belongs to.


Copies the value of a compile time constant into clipboard.

Spell Checker Bulgarian Dictionary

By fire1
Standard bulgarian dictionary for Spell Checker plugin.

Easy Literal

By wnbot
A easy way to input literal value.


Extract strings fields value to clipboard as SQL.


Adds some simple but convenient actions for IntelliJ IDEA.

ServiceNow Plugin

servicenow-plugin The plugin exists to simplify the developing process while you edit Servicenow scripts.

Path Title

Set the window title to include full path.