Plugins with tag "Editor"


Close tabs to the right, for Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, and other JetBrains products.


Turns selected text into a String.


Plugin for real-time collaborative editing and issue tracking.

ServiceNow Plugin

servicenow-plugin The plugin exists to simplify the developing process while you edit Servicenow scripts.


TabReorder plugin allows to reorder and move editor tabs using keyboard shortcuts.


Easily find the definition of outermost Class/Function which current line belongs to.

Webx Link

By push
It's a tool for switch file in IDEA Editor between vm and java files which is called "Screen" or "Control" in Webx Framework.

Easy Literal

By wnbot
A easy way to input literal value.

Spell Checker Bulgarian Dictionary

Standard bulgarian dictionary for Spell Checker plugin.


Adds an intention that opens a multi-row pane, to edit the String under the caret.