Plugins with tag "Editor"

open file to pane plugin

open file to left or right pane.


Usage Visualizer Plugin.


By selecting a text and them pressing "CTRL+ALT+," i.e.

Wrap in StringBuilder

Create a StringBuilder object and append the selected text to it.

Eclipse-like EnterInStringLiteral Tweak

This tweak brings about Eclipse-like Enter behavior at the end of String literal.

Paste Multiple

Paste multiple contents at once Enhance the default paste from history action.


Stuck in your code? Want to google about it? Just select the text and press CTRL+ALT+K and get results from google search engine as a popup.


If there is no selection in the editor, this action toggles the case of the character immediately following the caret (if any) and moves the caret to the position...

Surround each line

Apply a template to each lines selected (instead of the whole selection).


A simplify plugin ported from vim-EasyMotion plugin for Intellij Platform IDE. And can be integrated with IdeaVim.