Plugins with tag "Inspection"

PHP inheritDoc helper

Folds inheritDoc docblocks and shows the inherited text instead.


Static Code Analysis for PhpStorm and Intellij Idea.

ButterKnife Inspections

This plugin detect shows inspections for common mistakes using ButterKnife.


Calculates cyclomatic complexity for C#, VB, JavaScript, TypeScript and C++.

Hibernate Inspections

Hibernate silently fails in certain situations, leading to bugs which are difficult to track down.


By kgdev
This plugin provides both real-time and on-demand scanning of Groovy files with CodeNarc 0.20 from within IDEA.


The plugin displays the errors from RuboCop as annotations.


More than 90 automated code inspections for the Groovy language.

Android Gradle Metrics

Plugin for showing code quality metrics from gradle tasks within Android Studio.

Code Litter

Show existing Checkstyle, PMD and FindBugs violations in.