Plugins with tag "Inspection"

Python Annotations

Code Inspections for Python Annotations.


CodeInterview Plugin is an IDEA version of the functionality.


Validates WS-BPEL 2.0 and WSDL 1.1 files using 71 of the 95 static analysis rules of the WS-BPEL 2.0 specification.


Analyze CloudFormation templates with cfn-lint.

Decompile And Attach

A plugin for IntelliJ java ides to allow bulk decompile of jars.

Duplicate detector

This plugin provides advanced on-the-fly duplicated code inspections for IntelliJ IDEA (aka clone detection).

Singleton Inspection

This inspection reports about (probably) inappropriate use of Singleton pattern.

Inspection-JS for Demetra

Adds over 70 new automated code inspections for IntelliJ IDEA for auditing JavaScript.

Final modifier

Auto insert 'final' modifier.

Equals/hashCode field inspection

Inspects fields which have not been used in the equals and hashCode method.