Plugins with tag "Inspection"


Do you as a Java developer know, how much time you spent on testing and debugging your application? Do you know how much time you actually write new code, and how long...

Python Enhancements

Inspections for detecting potentially dead code and intentions for generating boilerplate code.

Equals/hashCode field inspection

Inspects fields which have not been used in the equals and hashCode method.

Duplicate detector

This plugin provides advanced on-the-fly duplicated code inspections for IntelliJ IDEA (aka clone detection).

Fragment newInstance Inspection

This plugin add a custom inspection that checks Fragment implements a static method of creating its instance.

Java Dependencies Checker

Checks Java projects dependencies for version upgrades.

ATG Inspections

Provides inspections specific to ATG environment.

Connascence Detection

Detects connascences of meaning and position in Java code.


Some additional inspections, including a type checker for annotated primitives.

Robo Hexar

I am the grammar robot.