Plugins with tag "Inspection"

Cyclomatic Complexity

Calculates cyclomatic complexity for C#, VB, JavaScript, TypeScript and C++.

Object Calisthenics Analyzer

A plugin for analyzing your Java code's adherence to Object Calisthenics.

Problems View

The problems detector for monitoring something wrong in IDE (incomplete settings, wrong configurations, etc).

Message key usage plugin

This plugin will find message key unused inside property files.

DevUtil Inspections

A set of new inspections to use with the devUtil library annotations.



equals() and hashCode() reloaded

Contains inspections.

Fragment kewInstance Inspection

This plugin add a custom inspection that checks Fragment implements a companion object method of creating its instance.

Build and Lint

This plugin answers this question in Stack Overflow.


Determine if proper precautions are taken if code uses the @EDTOnly annotation.