Plugins with tag "Inspection"

Stylus Linter

Stylus Linter and Syntax Highligher use

Inspection Compare Plugin

Compare your offline inspection results.

Clean Code Inspections

A few clean code inspections.


Determine if proper precautions are taken if code uses the @EDTOnly annotation.


Provides an inpection with quickfix to help documenting field accessors.

XML Doc Inspections

Configurable warnings for missing XML Doc comments Tags.


PVS-Studio static code analyzer PVS-Studio is a powerful static source code analysis solution for bug detection in Java , also available for C, C++ and C#...


DeepBugsPython plugin provides several code inspections intended for detecting bugs and code quality issues.

Find duplicates inspection

Example of an inspection, which finds a class with the same fully qualified name.

Dead Links

Inspection that highlights dead links.