Plugins with tag "Inspection"

Inspection Compare Plugin

Compare your offline inspection results.


Inspection that reports fields annotated with @PrivateWrite that are assigned a value, outside of their defining class.

Swift Test Tear Down Inspection for AppCode

Inspects test classes for properties that are not set to nil in the tear down method and offers to fix the problem by generating the tear down method.


This plugin provides hungarian notation inspection .

Implicit Nullability

Extends Rider's static nullability analysis by changing specific, configurable elements to be [NotNull] by default.

Remove Recursion Inspection

This plugin adds a complex inspection which detects and reports recursive calls which may exhaust stack space.

Tasks Build Runner

A plugin to identify pending tasks in the code.

Flares - Kotlin Inspections

This Plugin offers multiple inspections for Kotlin.

Failed Line Inspection for Kotlin

Inspection for IntelliJ Kotlin plugin to highlight expression with a failed assertion.

Search string constants

The purpose of this plugin is to search for string literals in your code and replace them with existing constants from your code, SDK or libraries.