Plugins with tag "Inspection"

Mention Custom

Support for Mention custom PHP features.

Checks plural forms of collection variable names

Checks that variables of collection types have names that indicate plural.


DeepBugsJavaScript plugin provides several code inspections intended for detecting bugs and code quality issues.

PoliDroid-AS - Privacy Policy Verification

Detects potential Android privacy policy misalignments.

Blaze - Swift Inspections

This Plugin offers multiple inspections for Swift.

Set of inspections for check a getters

Set of inspections for check getters.

Refactor: Dead overrides

Finds methods that are considered 'dead overrides' and are likely candidates for removal/refactoring.

Konaworks EE Inspections

This plugin provides extra EE inspections on top of those already in IntelliJ IDEA.


Small Plugin that makes my life easier.


Code highlight helper for PHP/GO developers.