Plugins with tag "Inspection"

Java Dependencies Checker

Checks Java projects dependencies for version upgrades.

Python Enhancements

Inspections for detecting potentially dead code and intentions for generating boilerplate code.

Duplicate detector

This plugin provides advanced on-the-fly duplicated code inspections for IntelliJ IDEA (aka clone detection).

Robo Hexar

I am the grammar robot.

Connascence Detection

Detects connascences of meaning and position in Java code.


FixDroid is an Android Studio plugin.


Some additional inspections, including a type checker for annotated primitives.

Object Calisthenics Analyzer

A plugin for analyzing your Java code's adherence to Object Calisthenics.

Message key usage plugin

This plugin will find message key unused inside property files.

Problems View

The problems detector for monitoring something wrong in IDE (incomplete settings, wrong configurations, etc).