Plugins with tag "Inspection"


This plugin provides hungarian notation inspection .


Plugin for converting code to async.


Inspection that reports fields annotated with @PrivateWrite that are assigned a value, outside of their defining class.

Tasks Build Runner

Tasks Build Runner.

Find duplicates inspection

Example of an inspection, which finds a class with the same fully qualified name.


Counts number of word repetitions in Java classes.

Swift Test Tear Down Inspection for AppCode

Inspects test classes for properties that are not set to nil in the tear down method and offers to fix the problem by generating the tear down method.


Up2Dep facilitates the task of keeping your project's library dependencies up-to-date.

Implicit Nullability

Extends Rider's static nullability analysis by changing specific, configurable elements to be [NotNull] by default.

XML Doc Inspections

Configurable warnings for missing XML Doc comments Tags.