Plugins with tag "TeamWork"

Rob Keyboard

This plugin is produced for holding on keyboard when pairing program.

Mattermost Chat Plugin

This Plugins is a simple team/chat integration for a application.

Agent Auto Authroize

If an agent has the "auto_authorize" parameter set to true, they will be automatically authorized when they are registered and unauthorized when unregistered.

JLA Plugin

JLA Tools.

Tool Window

This sample plugin illustrates how to create your custom tool window.


Find who in a series of changelists broke the build.

AccuRev Integration for IntelliJ

AccuRev is the leading provider of process-centric software configuration management (SCM) with a best-of-breed approach to application lifecycle management (ALM).


A Plugin to provide user mapping as parameters.

SpiraTeam CI Integration

Integrates SpiraTeam with the JetBrains TeamCity continuous integration build server.

CloudShell Sandbox

Provides an ability to use Quali CloudShell sandboxes in you build process.