Plugins with tag "Framework integration"

ZF1 integration plugin

Zend Framework 1 integration plugin.

AEM Support

Plugin that adds various features supporting development for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).


Add support for Vue GWT in IntelliJ.

Android Scala

Plugin for Android development with Scala.


Provides support of Cucumber.js.


This plugin brings support for Aurelia framework to the IntelliJ platform Features.

Oro PHPStorm Plugin

Oro PHPStorm Plugin Plugin for the PHPStorm that will help to increase the development speed on the projects based on the OroPlatform.

Play Routes

Support for routes files in Play framework.

Thinkphp5 Plugin

View, Configuration, Routing, Database, Model Intelligent Tips and Jumps (shortcut keys F3 or f12), and Model Function return type analysis for ThinkPHP 5.0 ...