Plugins with tag "Database"

Berkeley DB Java Edition

By jeje
Berkeley DB Java Edition browser.


Jalapeño Development Environment InterSystems Jalapeño (JAva LAnguage PErsistence with NO mapping) technology provides a new way for Java developers to...

Liquibase ChangeSets Generator

This is plugin for Intellij Idea, which hepls to improve creation changesets with liquibase in yaml format.

Ebean enhancer

Post-compile Ebean enhancement.


Support for k-infinity by Intelligent Views.

Ebean 8.x Enhancement

Ebean enhancement for 8.x.

KDB+ Studio Plugin

Open source IntelliJ IDEA plugin for sending queries to a q database, and showing the query results to the user.


Plugin for redis.

DataGrip exposer

Exposes database connections as REST API.


Plugin for generating the raw sql of ormlite class.