Plugins with tag "Database"

LiquiBase EJB Integration

LiquiBase EJB Integration Plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA.


Documentum Plugin.


Plugin for generating the raw sql of ormlite class.


The plugin is used to manage your library.


This is a plugin to help you generate java files from database tables.

Jalapeno Support for JavaEE

Integration between Jalapeño and IDEA JavaEE Plugin This plugin is an add-on to JalapenoDev Plugin.


The devUDF plugin is developed for the PyCharm IDE and facilitates the use of advanced IDE features for development of MonetDB/Python UDFs.

Mybatis Helper

This plugin helpes you generate entity classes, dao classes and blank mapper files.

db4o plugin

db4o integration -


SOAR(SQL optimizer And Rewrite) is plugin of SOAR which for analysis SQL performance and optimize.