Plugins with tag "VCS integration"


IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Mercurial integration - Luciad fork.

Git extended update-index

Enables support for the next git commands:.


Vet is a Gerrit client using pull request workflow.

CM Synergy Integration

CM Synergy Integration.

Harvest Integration

By vanhg
Allows using Harvest from within IntelliJ IDEA, making even refactoring consequences transparent for the user.

Clear VCS message on commit

Plugin that clears commit message from commit window after a successful commit. After installation, plugin will be enabled by default.

SVN Helper

Just a little Helper for working with SVN.

Telelogic Synergy

This plugin integrates Telelogic Synergy functionality into IntelliJ IDEA.

Pull Request Extra Information

Plugin to display the branch name of a pull request and get some extra information such as the Branch name, and it will also be displayed as part of the TeamCity...

Git Branch Manager

Plugin enhance IDE works with GIT branches in multi module project.