Plugins with tag "Formatting"

Jalopy for IDEA 8

Integrates Jalopy into IDEA.

101 Header

Add 101 header on you c files (alt + h).

Android Project Exporter

Use this to export your homework.


Add Format action in Edit menu to format the current opened


By cablo
(Ctrl+Alt+R) reformats actual file and optimizes imports without any dialog.

JBehave Example Table Formatter

The plugin provides a convenient way for formatting Example Tables in JBehave .story files to have same column length.


ReformatCode (Ctrl-Alt-L) and OptimizeImports (Ctrl-Alt-O) without a dialog.

Code Style Hook

Plugin to apply the project's code style to a subset of the changed files on commit.

Jalopy Plugin for Idea 10

Updated Jalopy plugin for newer versions of IntelliJ.

IntelliJ IDEA Properties Sorter

If you are working on a project where different IDEs are used, properties files will often cause merge conflicts because of different format and ordering.