Plugins with tag "Unit testing"



Unitils plugin

To make Unitils using easy!.

Golang mockery

This plugin provides Golang developers a shortcut for auto-generating testify mocks by offering a shortcut to call the mockery generator behind the scenes.

Mockito Postfix Completion Plugin

This plugin adds postfix completion template for Mockito.


TestNG Integration.

JUnit, Mockito and Hamcrest refactorings

Intentions to convert Mockito "when-then" stubbing to "do-when" stubbing and vice versa, and to convert JUnit 3 assertions to JUnit 4 assertions with...


Generate Unit Tests for Your Java Source Classes. Create a Test Class.

atoum plugin

Integrate atoum in PHPStorm.


PyCharm plugin for ptest Easily to run/debug ptest using the standard run configuration.

Check Tests

Using the IntelliJ index this plugin will find usages on file(s) you have selected with right click or you are going to commit and try to find TestClasses that are being...