Plugins with tag "Build"


Auto-package plugin performs live (background) packaging of web content files during development.

JavaDoc Sync Plugin 10

The JavaDoc Sync Plugin will assist you to keep your JavaDoc in sync between interface definitions and the implementations, or method definitions and method overrides.

Ant Debugger v1.2.0

Ant Debugger enables Apache Ant build script debugging.

Gradle Cleaner

Cancel & clean all Gradle tasks. Also clean project from related build garbage.

Ant Debugger

Ant Debugger enables Apache Ant build script debugging.


IntelliJ IDEA plugin for the Aardvark.


Bazel support for Android Studio.

Gradle Confirmation

This plugin shows a confirmation dialog before executing gradle tasks.


An IntelliJ IDEA plug-in for Apache Buildr.

OpenJpa extension for DataNucleus integration

By geri
Version 1.1.0 -only- works with DataNucleus Plugin 1.1.0-beta or later! As a result this plugin is also just available for IDEA versions >= 10.5.