Plugins with tag "Build"


Merger is a tool for constructing arbitrary build algorithms using modules, branches, VCS repositories (svn and git), other builder(ant, maven, npm) and the capabilities...


Cruise Control build process indicator.


Cruise Control Monitor -- Monitors build status and provides some controls to the user.

Build Feedback Plugin

Gives Feedback on the buildstate of Projects.

Unvoid Methods 8

By cablo
Changes void return type to this for all methods in file (configurable) via Generate menu.


By terry
Manage global libraries and project libraries.


A patch that allows to compile a number of files without compiling dependent files.


Watches a CruiseControl/Hudson RSS feed and displays images when the build is broken and fixed.

Build Finished Notifier

By mcmil
This plugin plays a sound when a build from an external system (e.g.

LayoutCast IDE Support

IntelliJ of AndroidStudio plugin for LayoutCast.