Plugins with tag "Build"


By bugvm
Easily create native iOS apps with Java. BugVM is free and open source.


Merger is a tool for constructing arbitrary build algorithms using modules, branches, VCS repositories (svn and git), other builder(ant, maven, npm) and the capabilities...


solidity to java.

JCompilo Java Compiler

A pure Java 6+ build tool with advanced compiler features including Tail Call Optimisation.

Bulk Load Modules

Allows user to select a directory and it will recursively import all IntelliJ modules found.


Cruise Control build process indicator.

Build Finished Notifier

By mcmil
This plugin plays a sound when a build from an external system (e.g.


Display all properties in the entire project, searching in ".properties" files and "settings.gradle" file.


Cruise Control Monitor -- Monitors build status and provides some controls to the user.