Plugins with tag "Build"


Watches a CruiseControl/Hudson RSS feed and displays images when the build is broken and fixed.

NUKE Support

NUKE Support This extension adds gutter marks for build targets.

Build Feedback Plugin

Gives Feedback on the buildstate of Projects.

Unvoid Methods 8

By cablo
Changes void return type to this for all methods in file (configurable) via Generate menu.


By terry
Manage global libraries and project libraries.


A patch that allows to compile a number of files without compiling dependent files.

LayoutCast IDE Support

IntelliJ of AndroidStudio plugin for LayoutCast.


BuildStats keeps track of your build activity and send you daily and weekly reports.

Stop Build

This plugin does what the stop button should do on android: stop the build aka.


This plugin allows you to recreate artifact on every module structure change.