Plugins with tag "Build"


Create Ant build.xml file for current module using your module settings.


All that maven and gradle should be.

NUKE Support

Adds support for NUKE.


Json to dart beans are provided, and dart files ending in entity are provided to generate dart bean factory for use.

ALM Octane CI Integration

This plugin introduces easy ALM Octane integration through Jetbrains plugin repository, enabling ALM Octane to display Teamcity build pipelines and track build and test...

Revision properties

Provides properties about revision (like git short hash) to be used in build configuration.

Gradle Build Scan Integration

TeamCity plugin that integrates with Gradle Cloud Services.

Intellij Command Line Listener

Simple plugin which allows you to start simple tasks in intellij via the command line.


Export your modules blazing fast.


LifeEdit is the intellij development pluging for developing LifeFit.