Plugins with tag "Code editing"

Notation Converter

Plugin adds ability to convert the selected name between camel case (used in field's names) and uppercase underscore (used in constant's names).


Append Class Name at each end of the declared var name(s) 声明的变量名称后追加类型词尾,避免(尤其是Android开发中)声明的view变量名带大量类型简写的丑陋规则 eg1: private static ListView _test.

Builder Deluxe

BuilderDeluxe is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that automates creation of builder classes for POJOs.

Insert Final Modifier

Insert final modifier automatically based on Code style issues inspection of Intellij.

Step Builder Pattern generator

A handy Step Builder pattern generator (

Builder plugin

Generates a static nested Builder for a class.


Tries to provide smart (and choosable) pre-selections for the different Introduce-... refactorings.


By wicke
eddy helps write code.

Escape String to Unicode

Escapes selected strings to unicode.


CodeCompletionLive cycles through several completions.