Plugins with tag "Code editing"


Plugins contains several tools related to working with class declarations.

Value Class Generator

By mauer
IntelliJ IDEA Plugin that helps generating Value classes without the need to add any libs to your build (like google autovalue or project lombok).

Runtime java completion

Runtime completion.


Lineage: High Powered Class Creation.


Send events to the Deckard app. Deckard will show useful information and pointers while you are working.

Jump Source Spec

Easy to swap between source and test file.

Go to layout xml

This plugin parses your android file (Activity or Fragment) to navigate to the corresponding inflated layout xml file.

Modifier Modifier Plugin

Allows you to quickly change the modifiers (static, final, etc.) of one or more fields, methods, variables, and classes using hotkeys.


Toggles public/protected/private and true/false.

Drupal 8 Namespace Detector

Detect Drupal 8 namespace roots.