Plugins with tag "Code editing"

Finder Restarter

Plugin that restarts Finder every time Idea gains focus(to fix Smart code completion).

Comparison chain generator

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view injector

used to import views to activity or fragment.

Structural Semantic Highlighter

Basic scope/control-structure based semantic highlighter for Java.


Convert Android ButterKnife Zelezny generated @BindView code to Scala lazy val declaration.

Drupal 8 Namespace Detector

Detect Drupal 8 namespace roots.

IntelliJ Oracle WebCenter Sites Plugin

This is a UNOFFICIAL Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g plugin for IntelliJ .

KonaWorks PowerPack

A pack with the following tools.

Input Language Locker

Blocks unwanted input language changes while working in IDEs WARNING.

Shell Filter

The Shell Filter plugin for Jetbrains IDEs enables the developer to run an external shell command and insert or replace the returned output into the current Editor.