Plugins with tag "Notification/Visualizers"

Kolesa Commit Message

This plugin constraints your commit message and watches that a name of your current branch contains it.

Flowdock custom notifier

Sends messages to Flowdock on build events.


Cradiator is a Windows (WPF) app that displays a summary of Continuous Integration (CI) project statuses.

TeamCity Theatre

a .NET application to monitor your TeamCity builds in your browser or on a TV.

Continuous Integration Dashboard

a personalized dashboard to display build information from TeamCity (and other CI's).

Slack Build Notifier by Peter Goodman

yet another Slack integration plugin.


DM Dashboard A highly customizable dashboard used to radiate important information to interested people.

Boxcar notifications

send out notifications via Boxcar.

Build Lights

make your own Arduino-based build notifier for TeamCity and other CI tools!.


a standalone Windows application to display TeamCity build statuses, e.g.