Plugins with tag "Remote APIs"

Connector for AWS Lambda

View and update functions powered by AWS Lambda with JAR-artifact.

Elice Intellij Extension

Extension to elice platform for local development.

REST Runner

TeamCity build runner plugin for executing REST call and analyzing the response.

IJ Advertiser

Allows applications to discover running instances of IDE.


A small plugin to upload code to your BoeBot.

Web Hooks REST API (tcWebHooks)

REST API for configuring tcWebhooks templates. This plugin adds support for configuring the tcWebHook Templates feature, with plans to support configuring Webhooks in...


C# library for TeamCity REST API and also interacting with TeamCity within the build script.

Ruby REST client

a Ruby wrapper for the TeamCity Rest API.


a .Net API for the TeamCity REST API ( announcement).


API to emulate Hudson's JSON one, e.g.