Plugins with tag "Editor Color Schemes" for Android Studio

Liborized Color Scheme

Simply the best light color scheme!.

Molokai Color Scheme

Molokai Colorscheme based on Material Monokai Pro but use Molokai Color Palette.


A darker darkula IDE theme with some base 16 tomorrow night inspiration.

Gruvbox Color Scheme

Gruvbox colorscheme for Go Programming Language based on Material Monokai Pro.

Muse Dark Color Scheme

A good (dark) color scheme that tries to make every highlighting meaningful.

Pandrkula Color Scheme

This theme was created by merge PHPStorm darcula theme and Dayle's Rees "Newton" theme (from rainglow package).

Tibau2 Color Scheme

This theme is inspired from Google Developer Tibau Theme, with small modified.

Monokai Pro Spectrum Color Scheme

Monokai Pro colorscheme with Filter Spectrum Palette.

Monokai Materialized Color Scheme

Color scheme inspired by Monokai, filled with Material Design colors.