Plugins with tag "Editor Color Schemes" for Android Studio

Liborized Color Scheme

Simply the best light color scheme!.


A darker darkula IDE theme with some base 16 tomorrow night inspiration.

Smooth_Minimal Color Scheme

Light and minimalistic color scheme.

Muse Light Color Scheme

An evil (light) color scheme that tries to make every highlighting meaningful.

Tempo-theme Color Scheme

A dark theme made by Tempo, featuring our signature Tempo colors.

Cobalt 2 Color Scheme

Cobalt 2 Theme for Webstorm

Tibau2 Color Scheme

This theme is inspired from Google Developer Tibau Theme, with small modified.

Molokai Color Scheme

Molokai Colorscheme based on Material Monokai Pro but use Molokai Color Palette.

Custom Theme Color Scheme

theme light for looking base on theme color in

Spring Light Color Scheme

Spring Light - a light color scheme for IDEA (Java).