Plugins with tag "Misc" for Android Studio

Facebook chat

facebook chat.

Do you like [Ctrl/⌘]+Shift+N pop-up window? Isn't it really fast way to open files?.


Search your code in Stackoverflow with just one click.

Eclipse Workspace Importer

Imports an entire Eclipse workspace in the current IDEA project.


By Roge
Allows to install plugin from site right from the browser by using bookmarklet. Just click on bookmark and plugin will be installed!.

Dialog Resizer

The plugin helps you to resize dialogs and windows to the specified resolution.


Allows editing of IDEA VM options, and will save changes to an VM options through a reinstall.

API Proposal Support

Api Proposals support.


Enables "Open With" different editor for any files in project.


CodeHelp is an Intellij plugin for helping out any user who often forgets how to use something and end up googling for the same example every time, or just wants to look...