Plugins with tag "Obfuscation" for Android Studio

A Powerful Java String Encryptor

This tool could encrypts plaintext string in your java code.

ProGuard Unscramble Plugin

By stist
Unscrample Support for ProGuard.

IntelliGuard 2

Java bytecode obfuscation made easy. Seamless integration of yGuard in Intellij IDEA.

yGuard Unscramble plugin

Allows to unscramble yGuard-scrambled stack traces.

Java Antidecompiler

The strongest Java code and resources protection tool.

Proguard Unscramble

Unscrample Support for ProGuard.

Android Antidecompiler

The strongest protection tool for Android apps.


Proguard-Unscrambler Plugin The Proguard-Unscrambler Plugin is a plugin to analyse an obfuscated/scrambled stacktrace.