Plugins with tag "Navigation" for Android Studio


AceJump allows you to quickly navigate the caret to any position visible in the editor.


Allows to easily browse next/previous word at caret and highlight other appearances of selected word.

Frame Switcher

Plugin for more convenient switching between projects/frames/windows than is alt-tab or Window menu.


Porting some great extensions of emacs to Intellij IDEA.


Open Alternate File: i.e. jump from source to test file, maven resource, html file, properties file, etc... configured using regular expressions.


Open files/tabs switcher to quickly switch between tabs with less keystrokes than Recent Files.

Angular CLI QuickSwitch

Angular CLI QuickSwitch allows you to switch amongst files of one component efficiently, by just using one shortcut (default Alt + S).

Request mapper

Plugin for quick navigation to url mapping declaration.

Remote call

IntelliJ IDEA plugin for remote call some procedures.


QuickJump allows you to quickly navigate the cursor to any position visible in the editor.