Top Rated for Android Studio

NetSuite Tools For WebStorm

[GitHub] NetSuite Tools For WebStorm.


Generate Java and Kotlin POJO files from JSON: GSON, FastJSON, AutoValue (GSON), Logan Square, Jackson, empty annotations template.

Emoji Support Plugin

Intellij plugin for supporting auto-complete for Emoji.


CodeStream helps dev teams discuss, review, and understand code.

Wrike plugin

Integrate your development workflow with Wrike, link commits with corresponding Wrike tasks.

Find Pull Request

This plugin find the pull request or the merge request of the selected line. The supported git hosting services are GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket.


This plugin intends to simplify the usage of HotSwapAgent.


This plugin enables the niddler ui inside the IDE.

Copy as HTML

Copies a snippet of code as html Adds menu items "Copy as HTML" to main menu and editor popup.