Top Rated for Android Studio

UUID Generator

A universally unique identifier (UUID) generator.


Plugin that generates java docs on java class elements, like field, method, etc.

Solarized Theme

Adds Solarized Dark and Light themes.


Open files/tabs switcher to quickly switch between tabs with less keystrokes than Recent Files.


Switch easily between CamelCase, camelCase, snake_case and SNAKE_CASE.


Rearranges (reorders) class and class member declarations according to a user-specified order and/or method call hierarchy; generates section-marking comments; ...

Close Editor Tabs Left Right

IntelliJ plugin to close all open editor tabs to the left and right of your current one, includes actions and context menu items.


Quickly opens temporary IntelliJ text editor tab.

Scroll From Source

Set the keyboard shortcut to the function of "Scroll From Source" in Project Panel.


Install on IntelliJ and Android Studio to get advanced Java code completions Codota completes lines of code based on millions of open source...