Top Rated for Android Studio

Tab Shifter

This is a plugin with a bunch of actions to move tabs between editor splits and resize splits. Actions are added to "Main Menu -> Window -> Tab Shifter".


Maya integration with run and debug configurations for Maya.


Provides support for the Elm programming language.

Free MyBatis plugin

Free Mybatis plugin.

Protobuf Support

Google Protobuf support for JetBrains products.

Spacegray Theme

Spacegray theme for IntelliJ, inspired by one made by Gadzhi Kharkharov for SublimeText.


Support for Lua programming language.


Allows to run multiple run configurations at once: group multiple run configurations and start them in a single click.

Json Parser

Tired of opening the browser for formatting and validating JSON? Why don't you install JSON Parser and do it inside IDE with offline support? JSON Parser is a...