Top Rated for Android Studio


String and code manipulations, performed on keyboard shortcut with detection of intended manipulation.


Generate Java and Kotlin POJO files from JSON: GSON, FastJSON, AutoValue (GSON), Logan Square, Jackson, empty annotations template.

IntelliJ Light Theme

IntelliJ Light is a new light theme for IntelliJ-based IDEs starting 2020.1. This plugin is a preview of this theme and can be used with versions 2019.1–3.

VisualVM Launcher

Launches VisualVM from within IDEA.


Extends Git Integration with additional features.

RIPS Security Analysis

RIPS is a static code analysis software that automatically detects critical security issues in PHP/Java code with data flow analysis.

MVP Creator plugin

Small plugin to build MVP skeletons and avoid boilerplate.


CodeMR is a software quality and static code analysis tool for Java, Kotlin and Scala projects.

Dark Candy UI Theme

Dark Candy UI Theme is a plugin for JetBrains IDE.

Wolfram Language

A plugin for Wolfram Language development.