Top Rated for Android Studio

Wrap to Column

Wraps text to the specified column width.

Tab Shifter

This is a plugin with a bunch of actions to move tabs between editor splits and resize splits. Actions are added to "Main Menu -> Window -> Tab Shifter".


Tries to provide smart (and choosable) pre-selections for the different Introduce-... refactorings.

Archive browser

This plugin allows you to browse most archives like folders in IDEA.

Path hide

This is a very small plugin to remove the project path in the tree view to prevent horizontal scrolling.

MVP Creator plugin

Small plugin to build MVP skeletons and avoid boilerplate.

RIPS Security Analysis

RIPS is a static code analysis software that automatically detects critical security issues in PHP/Java code with data flow analysis.


quickly to convert a JSON string to an InnerClassEntity class ..

Cyan Light Theme

A light theme in cyan tones. For version 2019.1 and above.