New and Updated for Android Studio


Provides full Clojure and ClojureScript language support. Intelligent Editor featuring code completion, syntax highlighting and real-time error highlighting.

Ebean 11.x Enhancement

Ebean enhancement for 11.x.

Multi-OS Engine Plugin

Multi-OS Engine IDE plugin for Android Studio.

Android Drawable Viewer

This plugin provide function that see drawable resource of the android project.

Dr.Vector Android

By evoxx

IntelliJ API Watcher

The plugin provides 'Find External Usages' action which allows developers to quickly find plugins which use IntelliJ platform classes, methods or fields and 'Check...

360 FireLine Plugin

By qtest
FireLine is a code analysis tool for Android or Java code.It can detect Security and Resource Leak bugs.




Donate Elixir support for JetBrains IDEs IntelliJ IDEA AppCode CLion Gogland PhpStorm PyCharm Rubymine WebStorm Features.

[JetForcer] Plugin for handy development with JetBrains IDEs

JetForcer is a Salesforce Apex IDE and plugin for IntelliJ platform.